What are your thoughts on sweets?

My mom always taught us ‘everything in moderation’. This is a phrase I still live by. We almost always have one or two sweets in the house but we try not to go overboard and definitely try not to eat sweets every day ;). I love running and staying active so I’m really not worried about my waistline when it comes to junk food—the bigger issue for me is how foods make me feel (lethargic vs. energized) and how foods affect my body internally. I want my arteries to stay unclogged and everything to feel good inside! I DO believe that indulging on sweets occasionally is healthy and necessary! Dessert is meant to be enjoyed—in moderation, that is ;).


Do you eat meat?

YES! If you are not a meat-eater, I will support that and we can be friends (I’d even love to help with diet and nutrition advice—especially women…we need MUCH more iron than men and it can be tricky for vegetarians and vegans to find ways to incorporate it into their diets!) but for me, bring on the meat–protein and iron! I do, however, try to only eat red meat about twice a week and, of course, if you can afford it, organic is the way to go.


Do you follow the food pyramid guidelines?

Sort of. I do NOT try to stick to strict food guidelines. I do however happen to love fruits and vegetables and make sure to get some daily. I also try to get fiber and whole grains each day. In general, at each meal, I try to make sure I eat every food group and make sure my plate is colorful (an easy way to get the nutrients you need daily). Healthy foods are colorful!


Do you count calories?

Personally, NEVER! The thought of it sounds terrible. I have actually had to do that for some of my classes and it is really kind of annoying and, for me sucks the joy out of experiencing good (even healthy) food. I do, however, support food journals for anyone and counting calories over time for people who need to lose or gain weight. From a dietetic standpoint, food journals are a great way of seeing eating patterns and making sure you get enough and the right nutrients over time.  No one needs to eat perfectly every day. That would be unrealistic and not fun. But, a generally healthy diet is important. I try to get all of my food groups and eat based on how I feel (i.e. when snacking, I ask myself if I’m really hungry before eating—sometimes the answer is no but I want this snack anyway and that’s great too! I enjoy the snack, knowing I just wanted it!).


Can you make me a nutrition plan?

Hopefully I will be able to help out with nutrition plans in the near future but for now, I will not be able to. Sorry! L




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