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FoodieBaby Turns ONE!

I can’t believe my little FoodieBaby is already ONE! Her BEACH-THEMED birthday party last weekend was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We felt so blessed by all of our family and friends who came to and helped with the party and I was pretty proud of my little girl for being somewhat undecided about sugar initially (even if it didn’t last) :).

I could go on and on about how much fun we had but, I’ll stick with letting y’all know the two major highlights…
The Ball Pit! Obviously, if you are 9 months- 3 years old, this is pretty much the best thing ever.

And, even better than a ball pit full of babies were these incredible cakes, made by my sweet, very talented friend, Molly. I have no idea how she pulled these off. She works full-time, has a toddler and apparently secretly works on decorating beautiful cakes! And, they tasted delicious! As shown below, FoodieBaby was kind enough to share some of her cake with Mommy and Daddy before tasting it and then getting it all over herself ;).

Making sure Mommy likes it before I taste it : /.

On to Daddy…

Clearly, she approved in the end. 🙂

Here are a few more pictures of decorations and guests (although, per usual, I wish we got more!).

Some of our favorite pictures from year one!

Feel so blessed that this many people have supported and loved on us over the past year!

Watching the birthday girl dig into her beach ball cake!

Finally, the beginning of an hour and a half gift-opening sesh for FoodieBaby the next morning! Spoiled much!?!???


Changing Things Up

My life has drastically changed now that I have a VERY mobile baby.  Her speed and curiosity don’t allow me much time in the kitchen these days. I found myself having to run in the other room to check on her 5+ times before I could finish chopping a vegetable. So, unless I want to spend ALL day running back and forth to the kitchen to work on a meal, I really can’t move forward with my food blog : /. Of course I will still be cooking really easy, healthy meals for my family and I’ll write about them occasionally–when I remember to take pictures–but, until I have older kids, my blog won’t be dedicated to just cooking, food, recipes, etc.

But, I am going to try to keep blogging about everything else going on in my life such as all the adorable things my sweet baby is doing, things God has been teaching me, I’ll probably post nutrition articles I find interesting, maybe some running posts and whatever else I can come up with :).

Thanks for reading and sorry I’ve been MIA! Looking forward to a new phase of blogging!

Below are some pictures from Father’s Day weekend. We got to spend it with mine and Trey’s families out at Lake Travis. Such a great getaway!

Before we left…she didn’t want me to forget my shoes!

Making pesto pizza the first night.

Playing with Grandma Sassy.

Both Grandmas.

Out sailing with Uncle Mark.

That’s the life

The hike from the house down to the water. We were determined to sail! 🙂