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My First Mother’s Day

Yea, okay, it’s Wednesday and Mother’s Day is old news now but I know I’ll want to look back on this post later and, in my defense, I had finals this week so I just couldn’t find time for you, my lovely little blog.

When I was little, I remember asking my mom why there wasn’t a ‘Kid’s Day’. She said ‘because all the other days of the year are kid’s days’. I honestly thought I got cheated out of this having-a-day-to-yourself thing. Wow, I was either a jerk or just really clueless. Ha! I was thankful for my mother before but, now, after having a child of my own, words could NEVER come close to expressing how thankful I am for my amazing mom! Can’t believe she still puts up with us ;).

Pictures are more fun than words {or maybe I’ve been reading too many children’s books} so here’s (mostly) a picture story of how my first Mother’s Day went:

Naturally, we got things started the night before. My Mom came over to watch the babe so hubby and I could grab a drink. Oh, and fried pickles, of course!

Mmmm…Happy Mother’s Day to me :)!

And, HMD to Trey too! Ha!

Then, my sweet little girl threw me a surprise party from 3am-6am. She just couldn’t wait to celebrate! So thoughtful of her. I was too delirious to take pictures but I’m sure she was being cute even if it didn’t seem cute at the time : /.

Atleast we got to nap until 8:40am after that! These two gave me a sweet card:

Then, our little family enjoyed the beautiful morning relaxing in our backyard, drinking way too much coffee to make up for our sleepless night.

SO happy!

And, finally, my day was topped off with an evening spent with my wonderful family an incredible meal made by my sweet sweet cousins! Yum!

Slaving away in their precious aprons!

No meal is complete in this house without the incredibly fast personal veggie chopper.

1st (Grand)mother’s Day for Gemma (above)!

The end. Mom, that was fun! I am SO blessed to have such an amazing family!

And, last but not least, a few of my kind family members and friends gave me Mother’s Day gifts…notice how they are all edible. Obviously these people know me well! Annnndddd…Trey sharpened ALL of our kitchen knives! Now that’s the way to a woman’s heart :).


Yoga and Mexican Wedding Cookies

I finally got in a great yoga session taught by one of my besties who recently became a yoga instructor. It’s so nice to have talented, sweet friends. I learned several new yoga poses and learned the best pose/stretch for the IT band (runner’s speak…the IT band runs down the outside of your leg, from your hip to your knee and wraps under your knee). I knew yoga was good for runners but man, having a runner teach you yoga is the best idea EVER! Basically, I’m just saying you need to get my friend, Tessa to teach you some yoga!

Then, come over and help me eat these incredible cookies! I know this is a ‘healthy eating’ blog but, come on, it’s mentally healthy to indulge every once in a while. Remember to keep portion size in mind most of the time but, let that go on occasion too :)! After all, it IS CINCO de Mayo!

Today is also my parent’s 34th wedding anniversary. They are in town this weekend,  so, cinco de mayo + anniverssary= Mexican Wedding Cookies! And, double celebration on a Saturday=eat  whatever you want. Duh!


–1 cup butter (use stick butter, NOT tub butter OR margarine)

–1/2 cup white sugar

–2 tsp vanilla extract

–2 tsp water

–2 cups all-purpose flour

–1 cup sliced almonds

–1/2 cup powdered sugar

You may also want to find a helper for entertainment…

(Yea, that’s a pizza box…sometimes we make frozen pizza for dinner. gasp! Of course it’s not nearly as tasty as this pesto pizza) 🙂

Directions: In a medium bowl, cream butter and sugar (see note below on how to cream). Add water and vanilla and stir. Add flour and almonds and stir until blended. Cover and chill in refrigerator for at least 3 hours. Then, preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Shape dough into balls (about 1″ in diameter) and place on ungreased baking sheet. Bake for 20-30 minutes or until bottoms are starting to brown and tops are starting to look golden. Once cookies have cooled, roll in powdered sugar and enjoy!


How to cream butter and sugar: Make sure butter is room temp–leave butter out on counter for about an hour or until it feels like it’s room temperature. Cut butter into cubes. Stir with a wooden spoon until butter is soft. Add in sugar, stirring with a fork. It should look fluffy and a lighter yellow color when done creaming.