1st Race Post Baby!

I ran the Austin 3M Half Marathon on Sunday with tons of my running friends (and 6,000 other runners). The course is pretty much ALL DOWNHILL so it’s a fun, fast race! My sweet family and many of my running buddies who weren’t racing provided excellent support along the course. I forgot how much I love racing. It was a BLAST! And, I’m still being reminded of it since I can barely walk ;).

This post is really just about the race and not at all about food. But, I will let you know that I did load up on carbs the day before and enjoyed my fair share of junk(ish) food after the race, per usual. I should probably get back to normal/healthy eating now that I’m two days out : /. But, onto the race details…

I went out unsure as to whether or not I was going to race or just run for fun. I knew I wanted to at least hit a 7:10 pace per mile and I did just that…on the first mile. I guess adrenaline got to me because after running a 6:44 pace at mile 2, I decided to just ‘go for it’ and run hard. I really owe my PR (personal record in runner-speak) to the 16 year old girl who was running about 10 feet in front of me the ENTIRE way. {I’m claiming this race as a ‘PR’ but I’ve actually never raced a half marathon so any time would be a PR! Ha!} I also have to thank my running coach, Gilbert for reminding me to relax my shoulders at mile 6! Wow, that was helpful for the rest of the race!

I’ve never considered myself competitive but I think I may have learned something new about myself on this 13.1 mile journey ;). I didn’t know my competitor, steps ahead, was two age groups below me until we crossed the finish line. I’m certain my final time would be minutes later had I known that. But, from mile 6 on, I decided I’d try to keep the purple shirt in sight. So, thank you purple shirted 16 year old. I think she is actually a gazelle (the name of my running group) with me when school’s not in session so hopefully I can thank her in person eventually!

Here’s me stopping to kiss my baby and say hello to the fam at mile 8!

And, here are my fans 🙂





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