Ring in the New Year with…an Egg Cooker!

Why??? Well, I’m glad you asked! If you’re like me, one of your many New Years resolutions is to budget better. Soooo…you’re asking me to buy something to save money!? You got it! Eggs are CHEAP, people! And, egg salad is GOOD! Eat more eggs and, overtime, you can help that budget. You’ll thank me later. And, don’t worry, if one of your other resolutions is to eat healthier or to lose weight, egg whites can help you with that too–lots of protein, little fat and not too many calories.

So, what exactly is an egg cooker? I had the same question when my roommate introduced me to this great tool a few years ago. I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical at first. I could just picture some cheesy salesperson selling one of these things on a terrible infomercial. And, in my mind, infomercial gadgets should never be bought–even if the products being advertised are ‘good’, I would not want to partake in encouraging such terrible advertising.

Anyway, onto the egg cooker! Hard boiled eggs were one of the many things that seemed so easy to make but that I always called my mom about. I could never remember whether to put the eggs in the water before or after the water was boiling. Those phone calls are long gone. I still talk to my mom…just not about eggs ;).

But, more importantly, when peeling a hard boiled egg, I always got frustrated because I’d end up with and egg yolk surrounded by a thin layer of egg white since the rest would come off with the shell. Now, the shell comes off with NO egg white AT ALL. I’m not exaggerating on this. I promise. It’s amazing!

27ish dollars. Do it. You won’t be disappointed!

Egg salad recipes to come in 2012!


2 thoughts on “Ring in the New Year with…an Egg Cooker!

  1. Grandma Sassy says:

    We LOVE our Egg cooker!!!!!! The eggs are perfectly cooked every time – no matter how many we cook at a time. What a great idea. Thanks y’all…..
    the B Lows

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