Arugula, Pear and Goat Cheese Salad

Well, the title pretty much says it all!

After traveling for Christmas, we’ve had somewhat of a fussy baby so I’m going with super easy recipes this week (yea, even easier/quicker than usual!). We grabbed a cooked rotisserie chicken at the grocery store, scooped up some leftover mashed potatoes from the other night and threw this salad together for dinner last night. Everything tasted pretty great, too!

[Btw, rotisserie chickens are only $5-$6 and provide about eleven 3 ounce servings. Even though we usually eat more than 3 ounces per serving, these little guys go a long way and provide a great protein for a quick, easy meal, allowing you more time to have fun with side dishes!]

I didn’t take time to measure the amounts of everything I used for this salad (a little 12 pound baby was demanding ALL of Mommy’s attention yesterday) so you’ll have to just make everything ‘to taste’ if you want to try it. But, that’s more fun anyway!

Here are the ingredients.

–baby arugula (a few handfuls)

–1 pear, chopped

–goat cheese crumbles

–juice from about 3/4 of a lemon

–oilve oil

–salt and pepper to taste

Directions: Grab a few handfuls of baby arugula lettuce and place in salad bowl. Add pear and goat cheese crumbles. Just before serving, squeeze lemon juice and drizzle olive oil on salad. Add salt and pepper to taste, toss and enjoy!


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