Green Smoothie {Spinach, Mango, Cherry}

My baby girl turned 4 months old on Saturday! Time is flying by. She’s so big!

So, we celebrated with delicious smoothies. Thanks, Ellie Grace–hope she could taste some of this greatness in her milk ;).

Ok, yea, this smoothie isn’t really green but I think any smoothie with lettuce in it should be categorized as ‘green’. Something about drinking something ‘green’ just makes you feel healthy so I’ll keep the name ;).

And, I know, it’s December and not really smoothie season (every time I’ve ordered a smoothie recently, I’ve been the ONLY person in line) but after getting my wisdom teeth out last week, I’ve decided that smoothies in December should happen more. These are good, people! Like REALLY GOOD! I think I’ve found a new favorite breakfast drink!

Here are the Ingredients.

–Orange Juice

–Plain Yogurt



–Frozen Mango

–Frozen Cherries

–Juice from 1 lime

And, I’m sorry but I have no idea how much of everything I ended up using but you can guess from this picture! This made two large smoothies. Yum!


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