Lean Beef Quiz!

When you prepare or order beef, do you know what you’re putting into your body? No, this post isn’t about making your diet completely meatless but it might be good to cut back on your meat consumption if you eat red meat more than twice a week ;).

Look at this guy to see what part of the cow you’re eating!

First, the pros–red meat, especially beef, is high in protein and iron–two necessities for our bodies. However, meat also contains cholesterol and fat–plenty of saturated fat (the bad, artery-clogging kind). And, beef contains more saturated fat than poultry.

If you must eat beef (btw, we occasionally do!), here is some helpful info to consider when deciding what to eat.

Look at the LABEL to find out the GRADE of meat–there are three things to consider when reading meat labels–

Select–the leanest cut, ~ 7% fat by weight

Choice– ~ 15-35% fat by weight

Prime– the fattiest cut, ~ 35-45% fat by weight

Also, think about the CUT of meat–here are cuts of select-grade beef from lowest to highest fat content

–top round

–eye of round

–round tip

–bottom round



–arm (part of chuck)

–top loin

–t bone (short loin)


–porterhouse (short loin)





–blade (part of chuck)

Now, go enjoy that meaty meal! Remember, all food is great–in moderation ;). Happy eating!


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