Cauliflower Scrambled Eggs

I just couldn’t stay away from blogging for too long! Since soft foods will be on the menu at our house for the next week or two [I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday], these guys have been on my mind.

Our friend, Dana, gave me this recipe and we tried it out a few weeks ago. I changed a couple things–I think I actually just substituted greek yogurt for something (surprise, surprise). I love cauliflower pretty much any way it’s handed to me but Trey doesn’t feel the same way (and I’m guessing our children won’t either) so I wanted to find a way to help the Low household vary our veggies ;).

We are big fans of having breakfast for dinner so we enjoyed this in the evening rather than the morning. Also, I can’t stand to not have a colorful plate so I served the eggs, topped with chopped red bell pepper, on a bed of spinach. And, I served sliced, roasted sweet potatoes as a side. Mmmm!

Here are the ingredients:

Recipe {Cauliflower Eggs}:

–2 eggs, whole

–4 egg whites

–1/4 cup Greek yogurt

–1/2 cup cauliflower puree (

–2 Tbsp shredded parmesan cheese

–salt to taste

–1 tsp olive oil

Directions: Puree cauliflower–steam cauliflower (after washing and chopping) until tender. Blend steamed cauliflower with 1/2 cup of water. (I pureed a whole head of cauliflower so I had lots leftover for other recipes!). Combine eggs, egg whites, yogurt, cauliflower puree and cheese in a large bowl. Pour olive oil in skillet and heat on medium. Once skillet is hot, pour egg mixture into skillet and cook on low-medium heat. Stir occasionally until eggs look fluffy and ready to eat. Add salt to taste and enjoy!

Just a few Health Benefits of Cauliflower: It’s high in Vitamins C (helps your immune system) and K (helps your blood clot–I need this to recover from getting my teeth pulled!). It is also high in folate and contains antioxidants. Cauliflower is one of those cruciferous vegetables you always hear about ;).

For the sweet potatoes–I just sliced them, placed them on foil on a baking sheet, drizzled them with olive oil, a little salt, a little pepper and baked them at 400 degrees F until they were tender.


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