Yogurt and Honey Fruit Salad

Who doesn’t like a good fruit salad? I often throw one together to serve with dinner or just to have around for snacking.

I’ve noticed that if I have a fruit salad made (or even just have fruit washed and ready to eat), people will choose that as a delicious, healthy snack  but if the fruit is not ready to eat, chips and other junk food it is!

I love fruit so if I want to keep it to myself, I leave it packaged until I want to eat it 😉 but more often than not, I want to serve people good, healthy food so fruit salad is an easy way to go! It is also a perfect side dish since it’s so colorful and makes your plate look pretty!

For this fruit salad, I used strawberries, blueberries, bananas and an orange. I usually throw an apple in as well. And, any combination of fruit is great with the yogurt/honey mixture so use any of your favorite fruits!

Here is the fruit I used:


–2 bananas

–about 15 strawberries

–small container of blueberries

–1 orange

–1/3 cup greek yogurt

–1 Tbsp honey

–1/4 cup orange juice

Directions: Wash all fruit (except banana). Put washed blueberries in a medium sized bowl. Peel orange and banana, cut into bite sized pieces and combine with blueberries. Cut stems off strawberries, cut into 3rds and add to the fruit mixture. In a small bowl, mix greek yogurt, honey and orange juice. Add to fruit, stir and enjoy!


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