Brussel Sprouts–Why the bad rap!?

We love brussel sprouts in our household! Okay, maybe it’s just me for now but I’m confident that Ellie Grace will be a fan too ;). How could she not be? Look at these beauties!

I didn’t even know what brussel sprouts were until a few years ago. I just remember as a kid that that was the vegetable you were supposed to give up for lent (in an effort to NOT give up anything you could remotely even grow to like) so they must be terrible!

Then, at Christmas dinner a few years ago, my Aunt Mary served brussel sprouts with dinner (gasp!). From that night on, I was hooked! How had I missed out on this greatness my entire life!?

For now, my favorite way to eat these little guys is still the way Aunt Mary makes them at Christmas. After washing them, put them on a baking sheet, drizzle olive oil over them, add a little salt and pepper and cook them in the oven at about 400 degrees F. It usually takes about 30 minutes for them to be ready and about every 10 minutes I take the pan out and roll the brussel sprouts around with a spatula so they get evenly(ish) cooked.

Super easy and super tasty! Make sure to eat the brussel sprout chips that fall off the core. They are delish!


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