A Potluck Salad

Desserts and rich, hearty dishes seem to be popular at potlucks. Every time I go to a potluck, I take something light and healthy and everyone thanks me for it :). I recently went to a mom’s potluck and took this salad:

Something about providing people with one of their servings of veggies for the day makes me feel so good inside. Haha. I think I’m meant to be a dietitian!

The key to getting people to want to eat vegetables–make them look pretty! For this salad, I used: spinach, a red bell pepper, blueberries, cucumber and walnuts. Also, a good salad with bad salad dressing is actually a bad salad! I used my ‘Aunt Irene’s’ salad dressing to dress this salad. This is a good staple that makes any salad taste better! The dressing deserves it’s own post so look for that in the coming week ;).

Per usual, I went home with an empty bowl after the party. Everyone LOVED the salad. Healthy and tasty too!


4 thoughts on “A Potluck Salad

  1. Laura Brady says:

    I’m having friends over for dinner tonight and am going to make this salad! Also, I was already planning on brussel sprouts and always use the same recipe as you and Aunt Mary. Easy, healthy, and yummy. I even have Corbin eating them now! 😉

  2. […] and don’t have much time, these make for a good treat (you know, if you can’t make that potluck salad)! Or if you just want some holiday goodies to keep around, try these out. Trey ate these for […]

  3. […] Her salad dressing is delicious and has been a staple in our household for as long as I can remember. This recipe is SO easy and is good on pretty much any salad (I used it on this salad). […]

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