Pumpkin Yogurt

These are a few of my favorite things!…

One thing I love about Fall is that I feel like I have an excuse to turn any kind of normal food into a pumpkin-flavored dish. People can’t judge me—it’s fall! Anyone who judges would be deemed boring and un-festive—anti-holidays, if you will.

Pumpkin yogurt was discovered in my kitchen today for two reasons:

  1. I love yogurt but hadn’t eaten it in a couple months. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked. I have a baby whose tummy initially didn’t tolerate dairy very well and a mommy who didn’t tolerate cleaning up baby throw-up very well (yes, I’m breastfeeding). It was time for dairy to slowly start becoming part of mommy’s diet again! Woohoo!
  2. I had a lot of left over pumpkin after making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins last week!

So, I used Greek yogurt, a couple spoonfuls of canned pumpkin, a few dashes of cinnamon and a little maple syrup to make this deliciousness!

And, waalaa:

Why Greek yogurt? First of all, it tastes so yummy! Also, Greek yogurt has much more protein than other yogurts and is less processed. Give it a try–it’s worth the extra $$!


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